Bitly's Pages interface on a smartphone displays Danni's Donut Shop's drop-down menu, shortened links, and a QR Code with three featured colors.

Expand your corner
the internet

Connect to your best content in infinite ways and help your followers find more of what they are looking for. With 100 links a month, the Bitly Core Plan allows you to curate your QR Codes, shortened links, and Pages without worrying about hitting your link limit.

I love how quick and easy it is to get started with Bitly. It provides a quick solution for shortening a URL and it’s also a good tracking tool.

Ashutosh D. | Software Engineer

Drive audience engagement
to relevant destinations

Ensuring your content is always current and error-free is important to building a dynamic digital presence. The link redirect feature makes it easy to change the destination URL of any short link or QR Code under the Bitly umbrella.

A mouse cursor hovers over the edit button of Danni Donut’s link, while showing options of Bitly's link redirect feature.

A smiling man wears headsets while he works on his Bitly logo laptop.

Do more and get more with
your link shortener

Whether you’re a small business owner, an influencer, or a content creator embarking on your first journey, you get round the clock expert advice and assistance from our dedicated support team.

(annual charge of $96)


  • 100 links and 5 QR Codes per month
  • All the tools you need to start building your brand
  • Get Started

  • Features:
  • Pages
  • Link & QR Code
  • Customer support

  • More short links
  • Custom back-halves
  • QR Code customizations

  • Link click & QR Code
    scan data
  • Data export
  • UTM builder