Bitly Selected by Google Registry to Help Showcase .New Domain Extension

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November 1, 2019 – NEW YORK – Bitly, the world’s first and leading Link Management Platform, is excited to announce that they are partnering with Google Registry as an early adopter of the .new domain extension. As of October 29th 2019, users who type into their browsers can now instantly create trusted, powerful, and recognizable Bitly links.

“We’re very excited and proud that Google worked with us as one of the first companies to highlight their new initiative,” said Bitly CEO Mark Josephson. “This is another example of the continued innovation that makes Bitly the far and away number one choice when it comes to Link Management.”

Google launched a number of initial .new short cuts for its own properties before its open launch. Other third-party launch partners included Spotify, OpenTable, Webex and eBay. All of Google Registry’s .new partners are also now featured on Google’s website.

Earlier this year, Bitly also made the decision to migrate to Google Cloud using the new Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) networking capability. This switch has resulted in an up to 50% decrease in latency from the client to the service for resolve time, connection time, and download time. It also improved Bitly’s ability to scale.

“Both of these recent changes showcase our continued dedication to making improvements to help support our customers first and foremost,” said Josephson. “As we continue our growth, this dedication to improve our customer’s experiences with our platform will remain top of mind.”

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